Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue is in high demand for more foster homes in the Omaha, Nebraska area and surrounding towns.

A foster home is a home where a rescued, unwanted or otherwise needy Boston terrier can live and be loved until a permanent home is available that meets its special needs. Foster homes are not for persons just wanting to adopt a Boston terrier. They are for persons willing to open their hearts and home to help the Boston terrier along its way, understanding that he/she will eventually be going to a “forever home.”

Responsibilities of a Foster Home

  1. Fostering a rescue dog is a huge responsibility, and one that must be accepted by your entire family.
  2. Provide for the foster Boston terrier with basic needs of food, shelter, treats, toys and love.  This care would be in a home situation, not a kennel.
  3. To provide a fenced area for the foster Boston terrier to play and exercise in safety.
  4. To make veterinary appointments for shots, altering and other medical needs identified plus provide transportation to these appointment(s). The Rescue Group pays for all veterinarian and medication costs, but not for gas or time.
  5. To give medication when needed which would include heartworm preventative pills and other medications as required for good health.
  6. To keep the foster Boston terrier groomed. Grooming requirements include bathing, brushing the coat, cleaning the ears, brushing the teeth, trimming the nails, cleaning nose flaps and face wrinkles. The foster parent if knowledgeable can do this grooming, otherwise a Rescue Agent will schedule time to visit.
  7. To report progress, special personality traits, behavior and any “issues” that need to be addressed and passed on to the new family and personal recommendations for placement to the Rescue Committee.
  8. To keep accurate financial records concerning expenditures made on the foster Boston terrier. The total will be included in the collected donation from the new owner.
  9. Items provided to the foster home by Rescue include: a harness, a leash, dog shampoo and crate. NOT provided by Rescue and are required by the foster home are: food, food/water bowls, treats, toys, and bedding material.
  10. Please remember there are as many exceptions as there are rules. So unusual situations should be discussed with the Rescue Committee.
  11. If approved as a foster home, we agree to all the above.

To get started you will need to complete a foster application.  Once an application has been received back and reviewed, a rescue agent will contact you to schedule a home visit. If you have any questions about fostering, please contact us.

Thank you for helping a Boston Terrier in need!